Embroidered Baby Bibs

Good quality embroidered baby bibs usually consist of multiple layers of material. One layer is a non-printed cotton fabric, the second layer is a breathable water-absorbing layer, and the third layer is a TPU waterproof layer. These embroidered baby bibs prevent the baby from inflaming the skin due to saliva flowing to the skin, causing skin diseases such as eczema. When adding complementary food, the bib can also hold the dropped food.
  • pullover baby bibs

    pullover baby bibs

    The pullover baby bibs will touch the baby's head and neck and the chin's skin. Therefore, the fabric of the bib is recommended to be soft and soft fabrics, such as cotton gauze. The fabric of gauze is fine and comfortable. It is warm and breathable. The process is fluffy,...Read More
  • bandanna bibs for babies

    bandanna bibs for babies

    We take great pride in our work and in the wide variety of products that we offer. We are experienced in working with luxury Brands in US market, European market and Africa market .We can provide products meets European Reach Code.Read More