Printed Baby Bibs

Printed baby bibs play an important role in the baby's entire growth period. It is moisture-proof, dirty, and even decorative. It saves mothers from frequent cleaning and saves a lot of trouble. Our printed baby bibs are absorbent, breathable and have materials that meet safety standards. The lacing design is highly extensible and can be adjusted to match the baby's age. Cotton material does not adversely affect your baby's chin and hands.
  • 10 pack baby bibs

    10 pack baby bibs

    Item Description :10 pack baby bibs
    printing any color
    Fabrics:100% organic cotton jersey/interlock 180gsm, fabric can be on customer requested
    Accessories:snaps fastners *1 Size: 21x30cm, 22x40cm or on customized size.
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  • baby feeding bib apron

    baby feeding bib apron

    Baby bibs play an important role in the overall growth of the baby. Our baby feeding bib aprons are moisture and dirt resistant. It prevents the baby from soiling clothes while playing or eating, and also saves a lot of troubles in cleaning clothes. Our baby bibs are...Read More