Double Oven Gloves

Our double oven gloves are resistant to high temperatures, slip, abrasion, elasticity, heat dissipation and can be used on both sides. Its appearance is beautiful and generous. And we can provide you with customized services.
The double oven glove has excellent thermal insulation and heat dissipation. It is easy to clean and can be used in both positive and negative directions to extend its service life. Our products are made of high quality raw materials and are safe and non-toxic. The size of the gloves can be customized to different sizes according to customer requirements.
  • cooking gloves

    cooking gloves

    The biggest feature of these cooking gloves is its good thermal insulation performance.
    It blocks all forms of high temperature heat and prevents damage from its opponents.
    Cotton materials do not physically or chemically reflect due to high temperatures. In...
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  • cotton oven mitts

    cotton oven mitts

    The large double cotton oven mitts feature an innovative design. It stitches durable and soft fabrics together to ensure a smooth grip.
    These gloves are lined thick to increase grease and steam protection.
    It is safe to use and suitable for a variety of hand sizes.
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  • cotton oven gloves

    cotton oven gloves

    Our cotton oven gloves are made of 100% cotton as raw materials.The advantages of the products include good feeling,dirt resistance,good insulation,easy cleaning and so on.The top layer of gloves in pure cotton,filled with cotton or polyester PP cotton.Generally 450gsm of cotton.Read More
  • White Cotton Oven Gloves

    White Cotton Oven Gloves

    1.Easy to clean, soft and comfortable, excellent water absorbency. 2.Natural anti-bacterial, no smell ,has keeping mites away and beauty, have more longer service life. 3.The quality is very excellent and price is reasonable and competitive...Read More