• Christmas dish towels

    Christmas dish towels

    The Christmas dish towels maintain the softness, cleanliness, and no viscous moisture, and there is no obvious non-cleaning print.
    Its texture is very soft, and it can protect the ceramic tableware and it is clean.
    Our dish towels contain no chemical dyes. The...
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  • decorative tea towels

    decorative tea towels

    Our decorative tea towels can be used multiple times.
    It is environmentally friendly and non-polluting and does not cause harm to the human body.
    It is made of linen and cotton. In addition, we can also customize according to your requirements.
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  • decor table runner

    decor table runner

    The decor table runner has a soft silhouette, delicate yarns and beautiful embroidery.
    It allows you to feel the beauty of superb embroidery.
    This table flag is light and elegant, with simple and smooth curves, rounded colors and low-key elegance, adding a sense of...
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  • home table runner

    home table runner

    This home table runner, in harmony with the indoor environment, can add a lot of color to the room and further enhance the art of the living room.
    It uses a jacquard process to weave high-simulation beautiful patterns.
    It has a comfortable feel and fine stitching to...
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  • linen table runner

    linen table runner

    ​This llinen table runner is soft in color. It has a good texture and elegant color.
    This table flag can be matched with the material of the desktop to increase the elegant atmosphere of the home environment.
    It uses primary color textile, with good color fastness,...
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  • restaurant kitchen aprons

    restaurant kitchen aprons

    Samples charge:According to your design . Sampling time:7-10days.
    ​The restaurant kitchen aprons are durable, waterproof and oil resistant.
    It does not have an adsorption function on the soot, and it avoids the dirt and dirt.
    It is easy to clean, and greasy...
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  • 10 pack baby bibs

    10 pack baby bibs

    Item Description :10 pack baby bibs
    printing any color
    Fabrics:100% organic cotton jersey/interlock 180gsm, fabric can be on customer requested
    Accessories:snaps fastners *1 Size: 21x30cm, 22x40cm or on customized size.
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  • flower printed tablecloths

    flower printed tablecloths

    The flower printed tablecloths are dirt-resistant, easy to clean and easy to carry.
    The printed tablecloth is mercerized, bright and soft.
    The pattern is beautiful and elegant, the hand feels comfortable, the color does not fall off, and it is durable.
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  • embroidered beach towels

    embroidered beach towels

    ​The embroidered beach towels feel extremely soft.
    It has a multi-layered cotton layered structure, which increases the surface of the pile and has good moisture absorption and moisture permeability.
    This product is comfortable, beautiful, antibacterial, breathable,...
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  • soft muslin baby blankets

    soft muslin baby blankets

    Infants and young children are delicate and weak, and are prone to skin allergies such as erythema, papules and blisters.
    The blankets it uses therefore need to be carefully selected.
    This textile meets the national Class A standard.
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  • OEKO Beach towels

    OEKO Beach towels

    The OEKO Beach towels are made of pure cotton yarn and are larger in size than the bath towel.
    Its main features are rich colors and rich patterns.
    It has a good hand feeling, bright color, good water absorption, rich patterns and not easy to fade.
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  • baby girl hooded towels

    baby girl hooded towels

    The baby girl hooded towels are not only easy to use, but also soft and can be used to care for your baby's skin.
    Our baby hooded towels are durable and breathable with the latest international weaving methods. It won't fade.
    Baby towels do not contain any chemical...
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